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A perfect combination of print, fashion, and fabric.

Printed dress long lasting, comfortable, and versatile. Wear your dress front to back or back to front depending on your mood. Our dresses are 2 in 1!
-Made from 72% ecopoly/28%spandex
-Vivid print that will never fade after washing
-Cover-stitched edges
-Easy care: machine wash cold. Tumble dry on regular or hang to dry. Fabric is naturally quickdry
-Fabric treated for moisture wicking to keep you comfortable
-Our fabrics are made with EcoPoly,a production process that uses a third less energy and water than typical polyester production processes

Fitted and flare printed dresses are made using a 72% ecopoly/ 28% spandex fabric. The polyester is called ecopoly since our production process uses a third less water and energy than typical polyster production processes. Our dress fabric hugs the body and helps smooth over any trouble spots. You can wear your dress over and over without the fabric relaxing; it will always bounce back. The fine gauge needles we use to knit the fabric means your won't see any pills after washing and makes the fabric smooth and comfortable to wear. We add a moisture wicking finish to help keep you comfortable and the fabric is naturally quick dry. Every perfect print we do needs the perfect fabric to carry it which we are happy to provide for our custom all over printed dresses.

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